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The Poetical Overtures

The Poetical Overtures


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Title: The Poetical Overtures
Author: Emmanuel Tanka Fonta
Composition for Flute, Bassoon, Piano & Violin
ISBN: 978-1894821-99-5
Instrumentation: Flute, Bassoon, Piano, Violin
Category: Concert / Educational
Genre: Traditional & Contemporary African
Duration: 7:26 minutes
Difficulty: Difficult/professional [Grades 7-8+]

An exuberant, romantic & lyrical work in a sombre mood , written in a contemporary idiolect & evocative of an Ode.
Integrating cascading jazz motifs & harmonic patterns intertwined with  melodic & poetical themes, interwoven with formal classical arrangements in an inventive & idiomatic style.

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Tags: Original, Composition, Flute, Violin, Lyrical Figurative, Motifs, Poetic, Romantic