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Poetical Overtures

Posted by webmaster 15/09/2014 4 Comment(s) Orchestral Music,Concert Performances,Study Scores,New Titles,

Contemporary Berlin, Hues & Shades of a hundred Idioms.

Tiny wisps, huge billows, blobs & disentangled clusters of discordant voices floated & intermingled, converged & spurned into twirling spirals that laced themselves intimately with the variegated & hazy but brightly illuminated buildings. The faint sound of music could also be heard sipping & permeating into every turn & curves of the multiple avenues & streets.

Above the streets, the coopery heavens, with their tall & dark folds of clouds had spontaneously shifted & the sudden approach of the dark had made way for the bright neon  street lights to begin extinguishing & amputating every other thing else from the vision, with their harsh bright stanzas and abstract but sometimes disorientating patterns.

If you listen intently, perhaps root traces of the indo-germanic languages could be detected from the mingling voices, but then this is Berlin, a city where you can hear Polish, Turkish, English, Danish, French, Spanish, Italian, Twi, Slovakian, Pidgin English, Portuguese, Telegu, Tamil, Urdu & many other languages all in one day.