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Piano Percussion II

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Piano Percussion II

Title.: Piano Percussion II | Subtitle.: Studies in African Rhythms, Melodies. Motivic & Idiomatic developments for Solo Piano.
Author: Emmanuel Tanka Fonta | Edition Number | ISBN: 978-1-894821-80-3 | Instrumentation.: Solo Piano | Duration.: 22:00 min |  Degree of Difficulty: 4-5 | Info.: 5 Scores, CD, 30cm | 52 Pages | Spiral bound

Brief Introductory Notes:

Piano Percussion II is a collection of five original compositions, composed and written for solo piano performance & study purposes. These body of works encompasses challenging and energetic works, written in moods that are evocative of the idioms of African vocal chant music, with an integral aura of the melodic idioms of the African thumb piano, the expressive breath & rhythmical idiom of the xylophone & the lyrical cadence of the African Zither & Harp-Lute instruments.

These compositions are thematic expositions with emphasis on motivic & idiomatic developments of complex rhythmical & melodic formations, polyrhythms & polyphony. Constructs of lyrical & colorful idiomatic hues via chord progressions, expressive melodic palettes, antiphonal patterns, percussive motifs for rhythmic colorations & patterns which replicates an aura of folkloric & masquerade music. Ingenious use of melodic & rhythmical syncopations, sudden & accelerated crescendos are employed. Thick melodic tangential & cascading accents, glissandos & dramatic rhythmic contrasts, are used for textural effects as well as percussive rhythmic modulations of the left & right hands for interlocking patterns, independent themes & motifs for harmonic ornamentations.

These collection of works, is meant to provide an overall insight & a broader perspective of Central West African music to the student, amateur & professional performer, music teacher, educators and musicologists, who have an interest in exploring, researching, teaching, performing as well as furthering their understanding of the nature, performance, compositional practices & processes specific to traditional, contemporary & composed music from this area in Africa.