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Posted by webmaster 15/09/2014 5 Comment(s) Orchestral Music,Concert Performances,Study Scores,New Titles,

We publish music for a wide variety and combination of instrumentations, to include small orchestras, chamber orchestras, percussion ensembles, small & mixed ensembles, quintets, quartets, trios & for solo instrument with or without accompaniment. These body of works are written in variegated musical idioms, forms, structures, rhythms and motifs.

Our publications offer a variety of challenging & energetic body of works for small orchestra, complex polyphonic and poly rhythmic works for chamber orchestra, that are pregnant with variegated thematic African motifs & structures, multi-faceted forms & rhythmic structures which will interest the scholar or professional musician interested in detailed analysis, as in the intricacies & structured framework of polyphony in Africanmusic, or the exotic possibilities of structured textures & clusters of dense rhythmic layers innate within pygmy music, a Bulu or a Ngemba xylophone orchestra. The ethnomusicologist or the professional instrumentalist, or music scholar will also be interested in the understanding of such complex forms of orchestration to be found in Bamoum music or a Tikari Masquerade Dance music, where reoccuring clusters of assymetrical rhythmic patterns and multiple aggregates of melodic motifs are simultaneously contained together within a single piece and having a homogenous continuity in form and structure.


Preview - Orchestra Example - Portraits of Nights & Days


Preview - Ensemble Example - Mythological Dreams I


Preview - Solo Piano Example - Exultation Chants & the Incantation Theme I