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Action Songs

New Action Songs


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Title: Action Songs

Subtitle: West-African Christian Choruses for Singing and Gesturing

Author: Nepomuk Riva

This compilation presents 34 popular West-African choruses, mainly from anglophone Cameroon, that are performed by singing, gesturing and other body movements. Notations, drawings and explanations give clear instructions how the short, repetitive songs are to be sung and rehearsed. Audiovisual examples and tutorials are also made available for everybody who is interested in the rich West-African culture of performing religious songs. 

An additional article gives an introduction into the historical context of African church music in Cameroon and the importance of this repertoire as an integral part of an oral and motional transmission of music in an area where still a lot of people are not able to read and write. 

The author, a German ethnomusicologist, is an experienced field researcher in Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana since 2003.

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Tags: Choir, Choruses, Ensemble, Voice, West Africa, Religious